Our Animals’ Products


We sell pasture raised Red Ranger chicken seasonally. Our birds are started in a heated brooder in our barn, and moved out to mobile chicken coops (called “tractors”) when they are old enough. They get moved daily, providing access to fresh grass and bugs, while offering them protection from aerial predators. They are fed a high quality meat grower ration that is mixed at our local feed mill using locally grown grain. They are available whole or cut up.

Whole: $4.50/lb
Quartered or Eight piece: $5.00/lb
Necks: $4.00/lb
Frames/Backs: $4.00/lb
Feet: $4.00/lb


Our ducks are raised alongside our laying flock, eating high quality locally grown feed. They have access to several pools throughout their enclosure. Many of the ducks see the fencing as simply a suggestion, and they are frequently found roaming over several acres. Duck is available occasionally, and only available whole.

Whole Duck: $9.00/lb

Muscovy Duck

Coming soon.

Pasture Raised Turkey

We raise our broad breasted turkeys on pasture, just like the rest of our poultry. They eat a high quality, locally produced feed ration, in addition to excess produce from our garden. More information on our turkeys is available here.

Whole Turkey: $3.50/lb


Coming soon.

Chicken Eggs

We sell our chicken eggs by the dozen. The layers are fed a locally mixed layer ration, made with grain grown nearby. They also get a large number of food scraps from our garden, as well as many fruits and vegetables from surrounding farms, and occasionally leftovers from events. Eggs are collected daily. They are washed, checked for imperfections in the shell, and packaged. We do not size our eggs, except when our new layers first come into lay, where we sell “Big” and “Little” eggs. Chickens are seasonal layers, and their production drops significantly in the shorter, darker days of winter.

One Dozen Chicken Eggs: $4.50

Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs are sold by the dozen, and occasionally half dozen if we have enough available. Our ducks are raised alongside our chickens, and have access to the same feed.

One Dozen Duck Eggs: $5.50
Half Dozen Duck Eggs: $3.00

Goose and Turkey Eggs

Available seasonally, we sell goose eggs individually, and turkey eggs by the half dozen.

Goose Eggs: $2.00 each, 3/$5.00
Turkey Eggs: $3.00/half dozen