Farming is a Never Ending Cycle

Just a couple days ago, I posted on Instagram saying we are officially “On Vacation” until the new year. What I meant was that we don’t have any farmers markets until January 9. There is nothing even close to resembling a vacation happening in our lives right now, however, I didn’t expect to get right back into it the next day!

We placed our first order for meat birds yesterday. The plan right now is 600 chickens on pasture this year, and we didn’t want to leave things to chance with getting all the birds we need. We are hammering out the details with our brooding and tractor setups, so we don’t have to scramble to find them toasty places to grow. We will also be ordering 150 turkeys for meat, and at least 50 ducks. In addition, we will be adding 50 ducks to our laying flock, and 100 to 150 laying hens. Who knows, some little goslings might find themselves joining the farm as well.

Limerick is probably done his job with his girlfriends. Initially, I thought we would put him back with the boys this past weekend, but that wasn’t a high priority. So that will happen this upcoming weekend. Lamb Watch starts April 7! We also have to contact our shearer to get everyone their haircuts before then. And then this summer, we will be adding at least one more sheep to the flock. More on that later on. There are so many fun things with the sheep happening in 2021.

We haven’t made any concrete plans as far as pork is concerned. Our only decision made so far is that we absolutely will be raising them again. We have heard tons of positive feedback from our friends and customers who have tried the pork, and that is always nice to hear. As soon as we make that decision, we will update everyone.

In 2021, we are going to make a greater effort to keep in touch with y’all. This may include more email newsletters, and will definitely include more blog posts. If you would like to stay up to date, sign up for our mailing list here. I promise we won’t send out a million emails, and annoy you! We hope you enjoy these last few days of 2020, and we look forward to feeding you and your family in 2021!

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