Frontière Farm House Holiday Gift Guide 2019

With December here, many folks are still working on their holiday shopping. We can’t promise you that we have a gift for everyone on your list, but we can promise we will do our best! We will give you a type of gift recipient, and a suggestion on what you could get from us.

The Baker
What better gift to get for someone who loves to bake than a Duck Egg CSA? Duck eggs make for wonderfully fluffy and moist baked goods, and 12 dozen duck eggs is enough for a couple baking days for the next year! (And we have them on sale for $50 until the end of December 1!) If you would like to give this as a gift, contact us and we can print up information on how to redeem them to include with the punch card for your recipient.

The Health Nut
Bone broth has been incredibly popular among people following Keto or Paleo diets. It’s naturally gluten free, naturally low sodium, it can help improve your joint health, and it simply just tastes good. We sell Bone Broth Bundles for just $35, and you will get 10+ pounds of pasture raised chicken necks, gizzards, hearts, feet, and stewing hens. This is enough to make a whole bunch of bone broth, which can be consumed as-is, or used as the base of soups, gravies, or adding flavor and nutrition to just about anything.

What your Bone Broth Bundle could look like!

The Grill Master
In Michigan, many folks view grilling as a year-round activity. We have some amazing whole chickens that are perfect for cooking on the grill. With or without the beer can, they are a tasty alternative to store bought, confinement raised poultry.

The Canine Niece/Nephew/Granddog, and Their Human Parents
Not everyone gets gifts for the canines they love, but some of us do! Check with the pet parents if it’s okay, but our chicken feet and necks make great dog treats. Many folks are started to feed their dogs raw, and we have a freezer full of great quality meat for them.

The Special Teacher
We have a huge selection of hand knit scarves and accessories, and can do custom items with a pretty quick turnaround. If you’d like to have something made in some custom school colors, feel free to ask!

The Person Who Has Everything
Everyone has to eat! We are still selling our gift cards! They can be loaded in any amount, and we will have a special happening for the month of December. Stay tuned to see what that is!

We hope this gets a few ideas going for you. You can find us at the Marshall Area Farmers Market December 7, 14, and 21. If you need a special gift on a different day, send us a message on Facebook, or send us an email.

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